Modern Sexual
Real Change

It's time for effective sexual harassment prevention training

There is such a thing as effective sexual harassment training, and it’s different than what you’re used to seeing. We’ve redefined what sexual harassment training is and focused our training on promoting healthy, inclusive, and safe workplaces for everyone—while meeting compliance requirements.

Sexual harassment training hasn’t changed in decades, and the number of sexual harassment complaints have remained persistent. Sexual harassment often happens in plain sight and goes unnoticed. It's time to adjust your focus.

Our meaningful training enables every employee to play a role in rooting out sexual harassment in the workplace by:

• Empowering employees to spot symptoms of hostility

• Promoting an active bystander approach

• Helping people address unconscious bias

• Building a lasting culture of inclusion

Get sexual harassment training with the Modern Compliance Bundle

Grovo’s Modern Compliance Bundle combines diversity & inclusion and compliance in order to target the roots of workplace culture, help employees understand the ethical impact of their decisions at work, and effect real behavior change.

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prevention training looks like. We’ve made 10 of
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