The Modern Strategy for the Modern Workplace

Microlearning is a strategy? Why yes, it is!

The modern workplace demands a lot of its employees - we expect them to influence without authority, reach across teams, and be agile and multi-faceted. Employees need upskilling to achieve this expectation, yet making time for formal learning is challenging.

Enter Microlearning. Done the right way, Microlearning can power your company’s modern learning strategy. Despite many misconceptions, Microlearning is more than just short content. It is an agile approach to learning and development that transforms behaviors and improves business outcomes.

What makes great Microlearning content?

Designing the right content is critical to a successful Microlearning strategy. And remember: Microlearning is not about how long the content takes to consume. It's about what's in it. Microlearning is simply well-crafted learning that helps people accomplish a single objective at a time. Brevity is implicit.

What is the secret to creating great Microlearning content? Four key elements. Read this paper to find out more.

What does great Microlearning content look like? Have a look at some of our most popular lessons:

Grovo can be your Microlearning partner

Off-the-shelf Grovo lessons
To kick start your Microlearning journey, Grovo has developed an award-winning library of 2500+ Microlearning lessons covering a broad range of essential skills employees need to thrive in today’s collaborative workplace. Lessons are categorized across 10 different collections:

Leadership Compliance Diversity Project Management Business Acumen
Personal Growth Communication Marketing Technology Sales & Customer Relationships

Content authoring and tailoring
Ready to create your own Microlearning content? Grovo also provides best practice templates for authoring your own Microlearning lessons and allows you to tailor any existing Grovo lesson to meet your specific needs.

We invite you to sample Grovo’s full library and experience creating your own lessons...for free!

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